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Facebook used F8 conference to announce changes, shift towards private messaging

This will be published after South Africa's election, which we certainly hope has only been manipulated by the usual political forces and not online trolls using Facebook, as happened in the Great Brexit Scandal and the US presidential elections of 2016

F8 roundup: Facebook’s promising privacy, redesigns and new hardware

This week at the F8 developer conference, we saw Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg announce updates to the company's three core platforms, AI developments and VR.

Facebook’s Surround 360 camera looks perfect for making Oculus VR videos

Facebook is serious about 360° video – enough to dip its toes back into hardware with the ludicrous Surround 360 camera. It’s pretty difficult to make a 360° camera look boring, even if LG gave it a pretty good try, but the Surround 360 looks like a bona-fide flying saucer. It’s got a whopping 14 cameras around the outer edge, plus one fish-eye camera pointing up and two cameras pointing dow...[Read More]

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