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Want an entry-level mirrorless camera? Get the new Fujifilm X-A7 for R12,000

It’s no secret that here at Stuff, we adore the Fujifilm X-series shooters. Now Fuji has announced the X-A7 mirrorless cam at an entry-level price point.

Apple’s iPhone 11 features a new design and a splash of colour

We have seen the future and it is colourful. Apple's made the iPhone 11 official and it looks for all the world like the budget iPhones we've seen in the past. You know, quirky design and colourful options (including purple, yellow, red, and black). But this is the base model, rather than something featuring stripped back hardware

Canon EOS 800D – Does the well-specced 800D redefine the entry level?

An entry-level DSLR used to be a bare-bones device that swapped features and quality for a dirt-cheap price. But one look at the Canon EOS 800D tells you that’s no longer the case. This camera, which sits on the second-bottom rung of Canon’s DSLR ladder above the 1300D, has a new 24.2 megapixel sensor, Canon’s latest DIGIC 7 processor and plenty of bells and whistles. What it doe...[Read More]

Apple has a new entry-level 21.5-inch iMac on the way

Apple has announced that nearly everyone will be able to get their hands on an iMac desktop machine in the near future, with a new, stripped down stationary computer from the company now being available. The 21.5-inch iMac will start off with a dual-core Core i5 CPU (1.4GHz to 2.7GHz with Turbo Boost) and 8GB of RAM. Standard are Intel’s HD 5000 graphics and a 500GB hard drive while each unt...[Read More]

Canon brings their entry-level EOS 1200D to SA

Canon South Africa yesterday announced a large selection of new cameras that will be making their way to South Africa, among them is the company’s entry-level DSLR – the EOS 1200D. The EOS 1200D is designed to be easy to use and, according to Canon, is the first camera from the company to launch with its own app. The app, called EOS Companion, features tutorials and tips for new photog...[Read More]

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