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Uber’s $9 billion IPO rests on drivers’ 80-plus hour workweeks and a lot of waiting

Uber’s upcoming initial public offering may be one of the biggest in history, with the ride-hailing company expected to raise up to US$9 billion. That’s good news for its early investors and executives, who could reap $1.3 billion from the IPO. For the potentially hundreds of thousands of drivers who do it as their largest or main source of income? Not so much. That may be why some of them p...[Read More]

Glitchy software could cook your Nvidia graphics card

If your Nvidia-powered gaming rig has just finished downloading The Division, you may want to read this before you try to explore post-apocalyptic New York. Bugs in the latest graphics drivers are causing major headaches for gamers with an Nvidia GPU, with symptoms including freezing, boot loops and even burnt out graphics cards. There’s no clue what’s actually causing the problem, but it might be...[Read More]

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