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This is why you don’t fly drones near an airport

UPDATE: DJI has contacted us regarding a letter it has sent to the University of Dayton’s Research Institute, demanding that their video of a DJI drone and plane collision (seen below) be taken down. DJI’s statement reads, in part, that “UDRI staged its video to create a scenario inconceivable in real life, at a higher speed than the combined maximum speed of the drone and airpla...[Read More]

Watch someone bend, fold, and mutilate a new Samsung Note 8

Say what you like about Samsung’s handsets, the new Galaxy Note 8 has proved itself an attractive device so far. Not only is it the most powerful phone that Samsung has released to date, it’s also one of the most durable. Just how durable is a question that YouTube user JerryRigEverything put to the phone when he took a brand new Galaxy Note 8 out of its box and then started scratching...[Read More]

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