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Telkom’s VS Gaming partners with Comic Con Africa to bring some esports goodness to the Con

Just like last year, Comic Con Africa has partnered with the Telkom VS Gaming league to bring some esports goodness to local crowds.

The IOC thinks eSports are too violent for the Olympics, but traditional sports are violent too

If you were a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) would you allow professional video gaming (also known as eSports) as a new Olympic Games event? That’s exactly what the committee is considering right now. You might think that the IOC’s hesitancy to include eSports is associated with the lack of physical movement it involves. But instead their concern is related to the violence tha...[Read More]

Rush eSports announces tournament details and a venue change

The annual Rush eSports tournament will take place at the Sun Arena at Time Square in Pretoria (yes, the location has changed) from 29 June to 1 July 2018. If you’ve been on the fence about putting your Fortnite skills to the test, gather all of the self-confidence you can muster and get into that bus right now. Rush will host a range of competitive tournaments for casual gamers and eSports fans t...[Read More]

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