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Magnifico – A man built a PC out of pasta – because the internet

YouTuber, Laplanet Arts, filmed himself as he dismembered an old Acer Transformer convertible tablet, and used the components to power his pasta PC.

Online shopping algorithms are colluding to keep prices high

Have you ever searched for a product online in the morning and gone back to look at it again in the evening only to find the price has changed? In which case you may have been subject to the retailer’s pricing algorithm. Traditionally when deciding the price of a product, marketers consider its value to the buyer and how much similar products cost, and establish if potential buyers are sensitive t...[Read More]

A secure relationship with passwords means not being attached to how you pick them

When you are asked to create a password – either for a new online account or resetting login information for an existing account – you’re likely to choose a password you know you can remember. Many people use extremely basic passwords, or a more obscure one they reuse across many sites. Our research has found that others – even ones who use different passwords for each site – have a method of devi...[Read More]

Puma is bringing its 80s-era RS-Computer shoes back (in very limited numbers)

If you grew up during the 80s, you’re probably aware that it was a weird time. It seems to have been an even weirder time for the adults, with all sorts of oddities making it to market. And now, with the current nostalgia binge that’s ongoing, one of those oddities is coming back. Puma is re-releasing its RS-Computer running shoes. Confused about what the Puma RS-Computer shoes are all...[Read More]

IBM has made the world’s smallest computer, measuring just 1mm x 1mm

Just how much space do you need to create a compete working computer? If you’re IBM the answer to that is “Not much at all”, which might explain how the company has managed to create the world’s smallest functional PC. That header image above? That shows 64 of the computer’s motherboards sandwiched together on a single chip. Unveiled at the IBM Think conference, this ...[Read More]

Explained: why a reboot is the go-to computer fix

It’s the most common answer to our computing woes: when your PC or mobile is playing up, try turning it off and on again. Or, alternatively, rebooting. To understand the concept of a “reboot”, it’s helpful to first understand what a boot means as far as computers are concerned. The word comes from the expression “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps”, which I’ve never fully understood, but appa...[Read More]

Breaking the fourth wall in human-computer interaction: Really talking to each other

Have you ever talked to your computer or smartphone? Maybe you’ve seen a coworker, friend or relative do it. It was likely in the form of a question, asking for some basic information, like the location of the best nearby pizza place or the start time of tonight’s sporting event. Soon, however, you may find yourself having entirely different interactions with your device – even learning its name, ...[Read More]

Could we upload a brain to a computer – and should we even try?

People have always dreamed about going beyond the limitations of their bodies: the pain, illness and, above all, death. Now a new movement is dressing up this ancient drive in new technological clothes. Referred to as transhumanism, it is the belief that science will provide a futuristic way for humans to evolve beyond their current physical forms and realise these dreams of transcendence. Perhaps...[Read More]

Intel CEO: Edison PC will be the size of a button by 2016

Intel Edison, the low cost computer that’s not much bigger than an SD card, is getting a nip and tuck in 2015. “We’ll have a better Edison in 2015 that will be smaller,” says Brian Krzanich, Intel’s CEO. “I still have the vision that we can take all of the functionality we have on Edison today and put it in something that’s roughly the size of your coat bu...[Read More]

Copper foam brings silent cooling to this tiny computer

In a world of shrinking desktop PC margins, you can’t blame manufacturers from trying to mix things up a little. And that’s exactly what Silent Power has done with its tiny new computer, which looks like a weird marriage between a sponge and a dying garden hedge. The funny reddish growth on top of the metal box isn’t for show, however: it’s a heat sink, allowing the PC to e...[Read More]

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