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Apple’s HomePod may be South Africa’s best smart speaker option

The rumours told us a speaker was coming, and as usual, they were spot on. Called the HomePod, Apple’s promising Alexa-like speech recognition, but with Sonos-grade sound. It’s also the centre of Apple’s envisioned connected home and a way to get us all using Siri more. But more importantly for South African consumers, it’s a smart speaker we might actually get here. Given ...[Read More]

Light Start – Folding Samsung, kinetic tiles, Clarkson Echo, and GitS trailer

Samsung’s newest patent application is for a folding smartphone You didn’t think that Samsung was closing down, now did you? No, Samsung is very much alive, thank you, and applying for all sorts of new patents. The newest (that we’ve seen) is for a folding phone, a concept that is very 2001 if you’re thinking of hinges and other mechanical bits. But if you’re Samsung ...[Read More]

What we know about Google Home and why we want it

Right, so we’ve known about Google Home since May, but today we learnt a bit more and now we want it. In fact, we might want it even more than the Alexa-powered Amazon Echo smart speaker… but more on that later. First, a quick recap. Like Amazon’s Echo, Google Home constantly listens out for you to call on it (which is pretty creepy, but we’re willing to ignore like an R...[Read More]

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