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Facebook’s ‘transparency’ efforts hide key reasons for showing ads

Governments and advocates in the U.S. and Europe, as well as elsewhere around the globe, have been pushing Facebook to make the inner workings of its advertising system clearer to the public.

Watch The Lego Movie free on YouTube this Black Friday

On Friday (you know which one), YouTube is partnering up with Warner Brothers and The Lego Movie. Why, you ask? To give everyone access to a free version of The Lego Movie for Black Friday. The sequel of the infamous ‘Everything is Awesome’ singalong is on its way, and the trailer is already available. On Friday YouTube will allow viewers to watch The Lego Movie for free as part of a promotion for...[Read More]

Confirmed: WhatsApp will start showing ads

Hopefully you’ve started transitioning to an alternative messaging service, because WhatsApp Vice-president Chris Daniels recently confirmed that the service will start showing ads. After the departure of both founders (who were against the idea of monetisation through ads), the company has decided that it’s time to flood the only safe space you had left with adverts. The ads will only be displaye...[Read More]

Facebook on track to start adding ads to WhatsApp – starting with iOS

There’s a lot going on over at the Facebook-owned outfits. Instagram’s founders have bounced, there’s been another (huge) data breach, and Facebook is starting to use phone numbers for advertising — let’s add another item to the pile, this one concerned with WhatsApp. Facebook’s WhatsApp is set to start getting advertising soon, starting with the iOS version of ...[Read More]

So it begins: Facebook to start showing ads mid-video

Facebook, as hard as it might be to believe, is far more interested in you as a potential advertising target than as a user. That’s how the company makes its money, after all — by serving advertisements up to neatly-catalogued eyeballs. So it should come as no surprise that Facebook is going to be introducing a whole lot more ads to videos posted to the social network. That’s the...[Read More]

Facebook isn’t having any of your Adblock nonsense (and other changes)

Some internet users deploy an adblocker as a form of self defence because there’s nothing like visiting a website and seeing nothing but wall-to-wall ads with pop-ups and pop-unders vying for your eye’s attention. The solution, besides an adblocker, would seem to be simple – less intrusive website advertising (of the sort that Stuff uses, yes?). Of, if you’re Facebook, you ...[Read More]

Facebook’s Sponsored Stories ads will be phased out in April

Facebook’s Sponsored Stories ad campaign, which saw user actions on Facebook being converted into advertisements for various companies, will be phased out of existence a little later this year. 9 April seems to be the the effective final date for Sponsored Stories, according to the company. The social network revealed this information through a platform roadmap announcement which lists sever...[Read More]

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