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Lenovo Yoga C930 review – A convertible with features in all the right places

The Yoga C930 is a powerful little notebook that has a decent battery life and can function under pressure (like 100-Chrome-tabs-running-at-once pressure). 

Acer unveils new everything

Taiwanese company Acer has shown off more than 40 new products at a press event in New York City, including a gaming-centric tablet, a portable projector, three new wearables, a range of laptops and convertibles and an updated range of Predator gaming laptops and an accompanying desktop. Talk about hedging one’s bets. It’s a strategy that’s worked fairly well in the smartphone an...[Read More]

CES 2015: Asus’ Transformer Book Chi in a Windows 2-in-1 as thin as an iPad Air

The market for laptops that also think they’re tablets has suddenly become interesting. Since Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 came out, and Intel’s fanless Core M processor arrived on the scene, we’ve seen some great Windows 8 converti-tabs, such as Lenovo’s watch strap-hinged Yoga Pro 3. Now there’s another intriguing device with a personality crisis, and it goes by ...[Read More]

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