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Google Maps – Now with more embedding

Google Maps – Now with more embedding

Google Maps’ updated form has had a substantial redesign, the newest of which is the ability to embed working Google Maps into web pages, a feature that has now been opened to the world at large. The search giant has made it as simple as copying and pasting a small section of HTML code onto a page, as evidenced by the map of South Africa that see you below.

Users will be able to sign into embedded maps to view saved locations or save their own locations via a website’s own map, perhaps assisting customers in locating a business more easily. Google adds that “…embedded maps are free of usage limits, so you don’t have to worry about quotas.”

Still on the cards will be advertising that will appear in embedded maps and “…new on-map design [that] will allow relevant local businesses to connect with your users, similar to the ads you currently see in the new Google Maps and Google Maps for Mobile.”

Source: Google via The Verge

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