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Google’s first tablet imminent – report

Google’s first 7″ tablet will apparently be shipping soon, according to a report from DigiTimes. The tablet, co-developed with Asus, was reportedly due to start shipping in May but concerns about the pricing and design of the unit pushed the shipping date back. The DigiTimes report, citing sources “from the upstream supply chain”, claims that the tablets will start shipping...[Read More]

Seagate acquiring French hard drive company LaCie

Hard drive company Seagate has said that they will be acquiring LaCie, the French company responsible for a range of consumer hard drives and related products. Seagate has reportedly offered $186 million for 64.5% of the shares controlled by the French company’s CEO, Philippe Spruch. This works out to about €4.05 per share, a premium of nearly 30%. Under the terms of the deal Spruch would jo...[Read More]

The Leap poised to outdo Microsoft’s Kinect

A new gadget, called the Leap, has got a good shot at revolutionising gesture-based controls on computer systems. The device is capable of recognising hands, fingers and other objects within its range with an apparently high degree of accuracy, allowing for some stunning gesture-control applications. The brainchild of Leap Motion‘s Michael Buckwald and David Holz, the Leap is a candy-bar sha...[Read More]

Google vs. Oracle phase 2 complete, phase 3 cancelled

Last week legal counsel for both Google and Oracle presented their closing arguments for the second phase of the trial that was to determine whether Google infringed on Oracle’s patents when creating the Android operating system. The results are finally in as a jury has unanimously found Google not guilty of six cases of infringement on US Patent RE38,104 and two case of infringement on US P...[Read More]

US Army’s 300 foot surveillance blimp almost ready for flight

The US Army is preparing a Northrop Grumman-built surveillance airship for its inaugural flight. Called the Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle, the helium-filled blimp is intended primarily for reconnaissance and will apparently “redefine persistent surveillance”. The airship is 300 feet long and will eventually be equipped with an array of sensors following a test flight. The d...[Read More]

A mini Android computer for around R600

The Raspberry Pi miniature Linux computer went on sale some time back and now, not be be outdone, a Chinese company is manufacturing little Android-based PCs that are around the size of a flash drive. The units are available online for $74 (a little shy of R600) and the ARM-powered MK802 packs in a Cortex-A8 CPU, 512MB or 1GB DDR 3 RAM and 4GB of flash storage which can be augmented with the built...[Read More]

New York airports the first to play host to the Airport Virtual Assistant

Several New York airports will be the first to offer travelers access to the Airport Virtual Assistant, or AVA, who looks like something out of EA’s Mass Effect series of games. The JFK, Newark Liberty and LaGuardia airports will be playing host to AVA, who is designed to provide airport information. The virtual assistants will be programmed to provide directions and notify travelers about u...[Read More]

Scientists write digital data into DNA

Researchers at Standford University have managed to insert rewritable digital data into the DNA of living cells. The team of three bioengineers have come up with a way to to flip specific DNA sequences back and forth, producing a binary system that can be coded into cells. The “…method for repeatedly encoding, storing, and erasing digital data within the DNA of living cells” took...[Read More]

Microsoft Research team breaks ‘sorting’ record

A team over at Microsoft Research have broken a record for data sorting, which uses the MinuteSort benchmark, shattering the previous record set by Yahoo in 2009. The MinuteSort benchmark was devised by the late Jim Grey and “…measures how quickly data can be sorted starting and ending on disks” in 60 seconds. The Microsoft Research team topped Yahoo’s record using a new so...[Read More]

Apple reportedly testing 3.9 inch iPhones

Apple is believed to be testing at least two new iPhone prototypes, which are supposedly encased in locked shells to disguise their exterior design, at their headquarters. This report comes by way of 9to5Mac who cite sources that say that the prototypes feature larger resolution screens when compared to previous iPhone models. The screen width is apparently still 1.94 inches but the height is bein...[Read More]

Kodak patent invalid – judge

A judge at the US International Trade Commission (ITC) has ruled that a Kodak patent being used in a complaint against Apple and Research in Motion (RIM) is invalid, according to a statement from Kodak. The ITC judge’s ruling is preliminary but found that while both Apple’s iPhone 3G and some Blackberry devices infringe on the patent in question, the patent itself is invalid. The infri...[Read More]

Pentax (officially) outs the K-30 DSLR

Pentax have unveiled their new mid-range Digital SLR, the K-30, with the company touting its weather-resistant features. The lightweight body of the camera is dust, weather and cold resistant and it features “…a glass prism optical finder with 100% field of view, state-of-the-art autofocusing, and full HD video recording capabilities.” According to Pentax this model is one of the...[Read More]

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