Ford’s limited-edition Ranger Stormtrak is now available from R790,300


The Ford Ranger family of South-African built bakkies keeps growing. The latest entry is the limited-edition Stormtrak, which is based on the Wildtrak, and brings some neat standard features that every Ranger fan will surely fawn over. 

While it comes in an all-too-familiar shape, the bakkie features a few distinctive features like a black mesh front grille with red inserts, custom decals and black accents, 18in gloss black alloy wheels and four colour options including the striking ‘Lucid Red’. 

Our favourite of the additional features: the Power Roller Shutter that comes standard on all Stormtraks. You can opt to add the adjustable bed divider which comes in mighty handy when you want to compartmentalise the cargo area. So you’re basically giving the bakkie a kind of boot, complete with a 12V charging port. 

Trekking with the Stormtrak

Also, remember FordPass Connect? The digital car key app we reviewed on the Ranger FX4? It makes its way to the Stormtrak too. This allows Ranger owners to remotely access specific vehicle features from their phone, such as remote and scheduled starts to either cool or heat the cabin. 

Owners can even check in on their car’s stats at a glance, including the fuel level or oil health, and the tyre pressure on each tyre if you’ve got the pressure monitoring system equipped. 

Of course, you’re here because you need deets on what’s under the hood — and you won’t be disappointed. The Stormtrak is fitted with Ford’s 2.0l bi-turbo engine which produces 157kW and 500Nm. It is also paired exclusively with a 10-speed automatic transmission showing face in either the city-slicker 4×2 variation or the offroad-friendly 4×4 option. 

You can grab the 4×2 Ford Ranger Stormtrak from 790,300, while the 4×4 variation from R846,500. You’ll have a choice of Sea Grey, Frozen White and Blue Lightning in addition to the Lucid Red. 


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