A free decryption key for REvil victims has been released


REvil’s been on a bit of a digital rampage this year, with its recent hack targeting IT solutions distributor Kaseya having the farthest-reaching effects. The hacker gang offered a decryption key for victims of the Kaseya attack, with a pretty hefty price tag attached to it. Fortunately for those who couldn’t get the key at the time, cybersecurity firm Bitdefender has you covered.

Release your machines from REvil

In collaboration with “a trusted law enforcement partner”, Bitdefender has developed its own decryptor key and is handing it out for free, reports Bleeping Computer

Bitdefender told Bleeping Computer that the decryption key works to unlock files of any of REvil’s victims before the 13th of July. BleepingComputer tested out the key itself, by encrypting files on a virtual machine using a REvil sample, and found that it works perfectly. Here’s the link to the Bitdefender key if you’re one of the unfortunate souls with a machine still locked down.

REvil has become one of the most feared ransomware gangs to skulk the internet’s back alleys. This year alone it’s hit several high-profile targets aside from Kaseya, such as JBS and US nuclear weapons contractor Sol Oriens. Since the Kaseya incident, the group has been relatively quiet, possibly keeping its head down in the face of an ongoing law enforcement investigation. But there’s no guarantee that they’re gone.

Regardless, this decryptor is a literal gift to those still affected by the Kaseya attack. While Kaseya was able to acquire a decryption key for its clients, many others affected couldn’t get ahold of it for themselves, or simply couldn’t pay REvil’s exorbitant ransom.


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