Volvo’s new concept EV looks like something straight out of a casual sci-fi flick


You get two kinds of electric vehicles: the kind that looks like any other car you’d see on the road today, and the kind that looks like it has flight-tech hidden somewhere inside of it. Volvo’s new concept EV is somewhere between the two, like it came from the future, but only 25 years into the future. And it has suicide doors.

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Volvo EV conceptThe Swedish automaker revealed the concept vehicle, called the ‘Concept Recharge’, at its ‘Tech Day’ event, and it’s meant to show off what the company has in mind for an all-electric future. It’s got a smooth, subtle, minimalist design inside and out, with the interior looking particularly white and clean. It’s also a lot roomier thanks to the lack of a traditional engine. Add that to the list of benefits you gain by saying goodbye to gas.

Volvo EV conceptPlus, it’s got some very cool looking suicide doors, unencumbered by a B-post. However, Henrik Green, chief technology officer at Volvo, told The Verge that while all the design details are subject to change, the suicide doors in particular wouldn’t actually be thing. 

“All of the proportions are realistic for us in the future. Having what we call the suicide doors without the B-post might be the thing that doesn’t appear in the real car.

Hence why it’s a Recharge Concept. This isn’t the final design, but Volvo’s new wave of EVs will look like this. 

In addition to the sleek design, Volvo’s been working with Northvolt, a battery supplier, to develop a new and improved battery for its vehicles. These batteries should arrive in vehicles after 2026 and will allow for better mileage between charges. 

The company also plans to equip a handful of its future cars with Lidar laser sensors, a sensor that improves vehicle safety and also provides the scaffolding for fancier autopilot features later on.

Aside from that, the automaker is adding myriad upgrades to its EVs’ OS, with particular attention paid to autonomous and semi-autonomous driving features. And if that doesn’t convince you that the future is now, we don’t know what will.

Volvo will reveal its new flagship EV, the XC90 SUV, next year and will use this concept EV as a template for it. We can’t wait to see what makes the design cut. 

Source: The Verge

Images: Volvo


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