Zoom now lets users add their pronouns to their profiles


Inclusion and acceptance is the order of the day online in current times. Being able to express and embrace your identity on your favourite platforms is becoming more and more possible thanks to the efforts of many platforms to hear feedback from their communities. Zoom is now one of those platforms, as it is adding a feature allowing users to add their pronouns into their bios.

Zoom in on who you are

Zoom pronounsIn a blog post announcing the feature (added in Zoom 5.7.0) the video conferencing platform expressed that it knew many folks (including its own employees) had taken to adding their pronouns into their usernames due to the lack of a dedicated display for them (like on Instagram).

Users can now set their own pronouns in their profile page, which will then be shown in meetings in parenthesis. That is, they’ll be displayed if you want them to be displayed. You’ll also be able to control how and when they’re displayed during meetings. They’ll always be visible in your profile card for your contacts to see though.

It’s a significant inclusion for a lot of people, Zoom says. “While pronoun sharing can be particularly important to LGBTQ community members, we also recognize that it enables our users to better share about themselves and be more respectfully treated on our platform.”

Zoom, like many other platforms looking to cultivate inclusivity, worked alongside organisations and diversity leaders to optimise the feature.

Alex Schmider, Associate Director for Transgender Representation at GLAAD, had this to say on the matter:
“Pronouns are how people refer to one another when not using their name. Using someone’s correct pronouns is akin to pronouncing their name correctly. This small but significant sign of respect goes a long way in creating an environment where everyone can show up, be seen, and addressed respectfully as who they are.”


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