Apple thinks we’ve had too much of a good thing, cuts free Apple TV+ subscription period down to 3 months


If you’ve bought a new Apple product since the inception of Apple TV+ back in 2019, then you were eligible for a whole year of free access to the subscription service. Starting 1 July 2021, that’s being cut down to just three months.

Don’t get us wrong, three months of free anything is still great, but that’s a whole… hang on… quarter less than before. And it’s not like you get it for nothing either. You have to buy a new product to be eligible for the free year (or three months now), and we all know they aren’t the cheapest products around.

In typical Apple fashion, it didn’t make a big deal about it. It quietly updated the fine print on its Apple TV+ page.

The changes Apple made the terms and conditions

Is Apple TV+ ready?

This seems like the company’s way of telling everyone it thinks it’s ready to contend with the big names, and that it believes people are likely to continue paying for the subscription after the three-month trial ends. Or, maybe, it hopes people won’t notice the change and start paying for it unwittingly after three months because they thought they were getting a whole year. It wouldn’t do that though, right? Right?

If you’ve been thinking about getting that new watch or Airpods Pro then you have until 30 June to get a free year of the streaming service along with it, or you’ll have to settle for three months thereafter. Don’t forget to cancel afterwards if you aren’t keen on paying the R85 per month.

Source: Digitaltrends


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