Twitter opens verification again


Twitter appears to be playing a game of jump-rope with its users.

A few weeks back, the micro-blogging site announced that it was reopening its verification process to the public after having it closed for just over three years.

Less than two weeks later it slammed the breaks on the process after getting swarmed by applications from ravenous tweeters who just needed that blue tick at the same time.

The micro-blogging platform “pinky [swore]” that it would reopen the process again soon, and now it has.

Twitter verification’s back on the menu, boys!

With Twitter’s recent track record in mind, you might want to jump on board while you can, in case they close up shop again in the next two weeks. That said, contributing to the presumable flood of requests in the social media giant’s inbox would make you part of the problem should it hit the pause button once more. So shame on you for that. Preemptively.

Heads up though, Twitter has stipulated that it will focus first and foremost on verifying the accounts of folks that are… ahem… “of high public interest”. Now hold on, before you grab your torches and pitchforks to defend your honour, what Twitter means is that one of the main reasons for verifying an account is to distinguish it from imposter accounts. Hence why the most eligible accounts for verification are those for governmental or media figures, celebrities, influencers with large followings, activists, company representatives, and so on.

You can check out the full verification policy here.


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