Donald Trump’s blog has closed


Donald Trump has shuttered his blog just under a month after it was initially launched. Sad.

The blog, which was named ‘From The Desk Of Donald Trump‘was basically a place for the former president to moan and complain things – like most blogs, really – and was created to give him an online platform after he was thrown off of many of the major social media platforms at the beginning of the year, in the wake of the Capitol Hill riots.

Whether it was shut down due to its tanking numbers or whether, you know, maintaining a blog is actually quite a bit of work is unclear at this stage. What is clear is that it’s permanently closed and, as Trump aide Jason Miller told CNBC, it “will not be returning.”

Donald Trump shall return

“[The blog] was just auxiliary to the broader efforts we have and are working on,” Miller said. This was the man, remember who back in March proclaimed that Trump’s eventual return to social media was going to be “the hottest ticket in town”. Maybe he wasn’t talking about the blog.

While Miller declined to go into any further detail with CNBC about Trump’s online plans going forward, he did tweet that the Don may be heading for some other social media platform in the near future.

Maybe he’s talking about TikTok. Watch this space.



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