TikTok seemingly launching tool to help users find jobs


TikTok, in a bid to try and help those users who literally spend all day scrolling through the app, is reportedly launching a new feature that should hopefully help folks find a job. The short-form video app is seemingly in the process of testing the feature, which will undoubtedly put plenty more job listings in front of many people looking for work. TikTok is huge, there are plenty of folks on it looking for their next gig.

Of course, because it’s TikTok, it’s not quite as straightforward as simply hunting for jobs. It’s not like listings will simply drop into your feed but rather brands will be able to use it to search for potential… candidates for stuff, we guess? Essentially, businesses may be able to use the platform as a recruitment portal and figure out who exactly would be an appropriate fight to sell products or something.

LinkedIn? Why not use TikTok?

It’s not all based on business recruitment though. Users could also use the feature to post video resumes and highlight skills such as lip-syncing and dancing to popular songs, presumably. Businesses can then scan through these at their discretion for potential employees according to a report by Axios.

According to the report, this won’t be built into the app but will function through an external site that users can visit through TikTok. “Several big brands” are seemingly already involved in the beta testing program, but those brands remain a mystery.

There’s currently no window of release as from the sounds of things this is still very early into development. Having said that, the more opportunities to find work the better, if you ask us. Even if it requires downloading TikTok.

Source: Cnet


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