Sony’s last line of DSLRs have been discontinued


This was news that was bound to break at some point but we didn’t think it would be this soon. Sony has confirmed that it has pulled the plug on it’s range of DSLR cameras which isn’t so much sad as it is a marker of the times. Sony has been a key player in advanced camera tech throughout the last few years and with the company placing more and more emphasis on its growing line of mirrorless cameras, that means a final goodnight to those DSLRs that so many people have used and loved.

Sony drops the guillotine

The line of cameras in question is the A-mount DSLR range. The A68, A99 II and A77 II have all been removed from Sony’s website which is about as much of a death knell as one could ask for these days. These were all good cameras but considering how much more efficient a mirrorless camera is they just can’t compete. In fact, according to Engadget, one of the discontinued cameras, the A99 II, was the last DSLR to be announced and released by Sony and that was all the way back in 2016. So the writing has been on the wall for some time now.

If this news is disheartening to you, we wouldn’t worry too much. Mirrorless cameras are becoming all the more popular as manufacturers have figured out how to produce them at cheaper and cheaper rates. An entry-level Fujifilm X-A7 mirrorless camera will only set you back around R12,000 which isn’t bad considering the kind of photos you’ll be able to take with it. When one door is closed, the universe usually opens another (and then takes a picture, so you can remember it being so kind).

Source: Engadget


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