Expect a folding iPhone in 2023, according to Apple analyst


Folding phones are just so hot right now, even though no one actually owns them and they’re often not what they’re cracked up to be, if you’ll pardon the pun. If you were to ask top Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, you’d learn that even Tim Cook’s shiny iPhone may be going the way of the hinge in the near future. Kuo claims that Apple is looking to launch an 8in foldable iPhone in 2023, which is just over a year and a half away. We know, the knee-jerk reaction is to say it’s two years away but we’re almost halfway through 2021. Spooky, right?

Kuo wasn’t shy about predicting what kind of tech we’re likely to see in such an oddity as a folding iPhone. As reported by MacRumors, this potential handset could include an “..8-inch QHD+ flexible OLED display…” as well as a “…silver nanowire…” touchscreen to ensure the device folds efficiently and for extended periods of time. On another note, Silver Nanowire sounds like an excellent cyberpunk name but that’s neither here nor there.

iPhone enters the fold

Perhaps most interesting about this report is that the reason Apple is using this silver nanowire material. It would reportedly allow the device to fold in more than one place, something competitor’s devices aren’t able to do. This would mean that this ethereal iPhone may be able to fold in multiple places which is certainly… design.

While Ming-Chi Kuo usually fields very accurate predictions, any kind of folding iPhone is still a way out. So don’t go getting your coinpurse all loose just yet, you’ll likely have to wait if you’re an enthusiast of both Apple and folding things. Have you seen the hinges on that new Macbook? 

Source: MacRumors



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