Oppo’s leaked tracking tags can be charged via USB-C


It looks like tracking tags are the next hot ticket for the tech industry as it seems all the big players are throwing their hats into this particular ring. Samsung’s got its Galaxy SmartTag, Apple just recently unveiled its range of AirTags and even Vodacom has gone and announced its own tracker, the Curve. So it makes sense that Oppo would be making moves in the same direction, as the company’s own smart tracker has seemingly leaked across the internet.

There’s no confirmed name for the device yet beyond “Oppo Smart Tag”, but from the looks of things it’s exactly what you’d expect: A little disc that you can attach to important or easily lost items so you can locate them with ease thanks to a companion app that’ll no doubt be included on Oppo’s range of smartphones. The best part of Oppo’s tracker? It can be recharged via a USB-C port on its side. Most Smart Trackers require replaceable coin cell batteries so not having to worry about any of that is a big advantage (and better for the environment!).


Image: XDA/Digital Chat Station

Oppo is tagged in this picture and it likes it

According to leak, which came by way of Weibo leaker Digital Chat Station, Oppo’s Smart Tracker will use ultra-wideband radio which should make tracking much more accurate. It’s similar to the tech Apple is using with its AirTags but it’ll probably end up being much cheaper because, well, it’s not Apple.

There’s no word yet on when we can expect some kind of official announcement from Oppo, but one has to imagine that the company is waiting for Apple’s buzz to die down a bit (it was only on Wednesday that the AirTags were revealed) before making its move. Hey, at least it’s better than those trackers Tile was offering which only lasted 8 months before you needed to purchase an entirely new one.

Source: The Verge


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