This new Matchbox Tesla toy car is almost completely recycled


Mattel, owner of the premier toy and die-cast car brand Matchbox, is going green, and is committed to having every Matchbox car and its packaging made of 100% recyclable plastics by 2030. And the first toy car to kick off this new green initiative is, suitably, a die-cast Tesla Roadster. The first environmentally friendly toy car has to be an EV, right?

Matchbox cars made clean

This miniature Roadster is made up of 36.9% recycled plastic, 62.1% recycled zinc, and 1% non-recycled stainless steel. So while it’s not 100% clean, we’d say it’s a damned good effort. Tesla’s actual Roadster (you know, the one you can actually sit inside of) has yet to receive a sale date, but its mini-me counterpart will be available sometime next year.

Even more impressive than the toy car itself is its packaging. We all know that heart-sinking feeling when you order something sustainable online, only for it to arrive wrapped in several layers of plastic and polystyrene. Well, Mattel’s Matchbox Roadster comes in a stylish box with a small window showing off the product inside. And, more importantly, the boxes tell you what each bit of packaging is made of and how to recycle it. Some bits are recyclable, and some are even compostable, so you get a cool toy and some flower food to boot. Literally good for the earth.

Additionally, new Matchbox gas station playsets have EV chargers alongside the standard petrol and diesel pumps, so you can charge up your toy Tesla too.

Source: CNET


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