Lift will now allow pets on domestic flights


South Africa’s latest entry to the skies — Lift — has announced that it’ll soon allow pets on certain domestic flights. The new airline, started by CEO Gidon Novick, former Uber CEO Jonathan Ayache and local aircraft leasing company Global Airways launched in South Africa in December 2020. 

According to The South African, Ayache said, “We know that dogs are important members of our customers’ families, and we are proud to offer this new service that will enable them to travel safely with them in the cabin. Moreover, they want these four-legged family members to be included when they travel, and this has up until now not been possible when travelling by plane.”

It looks like Lift will be the first local airline to offer pet-friendly flights, according to a recent Instagram post by the company. The admission of pets on flights will be limited to smaller four-legged critters and they’ll need to ride in a standard carrier. The carrier also has to fit below the seat in front of the pet owner’s seat.

“That’s why we’ve created a unique offering for our travellers to fly onboard selected LIFT flights‚ with their small dogs. Your doggo will now be able to travel in a pet-friendly carry bag placed under the seat in front of you,” Lift’s Instagram post reads.

Lifting more than bipeds


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If you’re not so keen on flying alongside small creatures, the airline details that only a few specified seats will be allocated to pet owners, and it’ll be limited to certain flights. So if you’re prone to allergies or… just don’t like ‘em, you’re in luck (you monster). 

There are a few more conditions if you plan on taking Freddie and Tails to the beach in December. At this stage, pet carry-ons are limited to small dogs. So no cats, iguanas or hamsters allowed, we’re afraid. The dog’ll need to be at least 10 weeks old — so no small pups. 

They’ll need to fit comfortably into the special dog carrier bag that should fit snugly under the seat. You’ll need to make a reservation for the fluff at least 72 hours before the flight departs. And this is all in addition to providing documentation for the pet, including a veterinary health check and up-to-date vaccinations. 


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