Casio reveals its G-Shock GSW-H1000, a super sturdy new smartwatch with Android Wear OS


Have you ever wanted a smartwatch that you can drop from the top of a building? A smartwatch sturdy enough to take to the bottom of the ocean with you? A smartwatch strong enough to deflect bullets? Well, we don’t know if Casio’s new G-Shock rugged smartwatch can do those things but it certainly looks like it can.

G-Shockingly strong

Casio G-Shock

Image: Casio

This new G-Shock, the GSW-H1000 (part of Casio’s G-Squad Pro line), looks to have been designed with “rugged” very much at the front of Casio’s minds. It’s got a titanium back for extra sturdiness, and boasts shock and water resistance effective all the way down to 200m underwater. This watch is reliable under pressure.

The G-Shock is nothing new but this particular version is loaded up with Android’s Wear OS, making this the first time the series has integrated with Google’s platform. It’s got an always-on LCD screen to display time paired with a second colour LCD for all your technical needs. You can use it for maps, data, notifications, and more. Unfortunately it’s only got a day and a half worth of battery power. Probably because of all the useful gadgets built into it, like a compass, a GPS, a heart rate monitor, heck, it’s even got a barometer.

This makes it a great piece of gear for all activities, from biking, to snorkeling, to mountain climbing. Heck, with a barometer, compass, and map, who’s to say you couldn’t use this to navigate the high seas? Besides the lack of battery, of course.

This G-Shock model is set to come out in May, and will be available in red, black, and blue, coincidentally the same colours one might turn should they have this watch thrown at them. And speaking of coincidences, this announcement comes only a few days after rumours of Apple developing their own rugged smartwatch first surfaced…

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