Slack is thinking of introducing stories and it’s time to STOP


Hey, social media platforms, we get it. Stories are huge, right? They’re an easy way for people to upload and share exactly what they’re doing at any given moment without worrying about the hassle of making an actual post. But when even Slack is thinking of incorporating them, then you know it’s time to stop.

The business focused collaboration app is reportedly looking into expanding it’s functionality and the inclusion of video stories is just one such feature that may be implemented. During a recent Clubhouse discussion, Slack CEO Stuart Butterfield confirmed such nifty additions as “voice messages” for contacts on the app (which sound like voice notes if nothing else). Drop in/Drop out chat rooms will be made available for folks sharing an online office to simplify the process of scheduling meetings and, of course, the potential addition of video stories.

Why Slack? Why?

Butterfield didn’t comment on how Stories would be implemented in the app but one has to hope that it was just some idle brainstorming which lead to the suggestion and nothing more. While it’s not 100% confirmed that Slack will be adding such a feature, doing so would put it more in line with social-focused messaging apps like Instagram, Facebook and most recently Twitter.

Slack saw a massive surge in popularity in 2020 thanks to the global pandemic that saw most of the world’s workforce shift to working from home. Yet that’s no excuse to implement stories into you virtual office app. While we suspect it’ll likely never see the light of day it’s still concerning that even Slack’s considering getting the feature because, let’s be honest, they’re incredibly annoying.

Source: TechRadar


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