Qualcomm is apparently working on a handheld gaming console


Who could’ve expected the Nintendo Switch handheld to do so well in the market? Well, probably Nintendo. But interestingly we haven’t seen a handheld gaming console equipped to take on the current leader in portable gaming, until now it seems. Qualcomm is, if reports are to be believed, working on a portable gaming console, and we can’t wait to see what it produces. 

The Android-powered device will apparently be fairly similar to the Switch but will be powered by Qualcomm’s silicon, which either means we’ll see it run only mobile games, or platform-specific games. If the hardware turns out like a glorified smartphone with triggers and analogue sticks, we’re not sure who they’ll target with it. Maybe professional mobile gamers? 

Qualcomm Game Machine?

According to reports, though, the console could make it to retail within the next year, which means Qualcomm’s seriously considering entering the gaming hardware market, or these spies are lying to us. 

It looks like the device would feature “… detachable Joy-Con-like controllers, an SD card slot, Android 12, and (of course) 5G,” according to The Verge. It’ll also be equipped with a massive 6,000mAh battery, which does in its own right demolish most smartphones on the market, but dedicated gaming processes may drain that badboy just as fast. 

The display could size in at 6.65in with a 1080p resolution which is slightly larger than the display on the Switch. If it really wants to compete, Qualcomm will include docking capability with at least 4K output to a second display. We know that the new upcoming Switch will have a heavily updated display. Your move, Qualcomm. 

Source: The Verge


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