Shoprite’s mobile network is almost here, here’s what it’ll cost you


Just last week we wrote up that Shoprite, in a bid to compete with the likes of Pick ‘n Pay, was launching its own mobile network. We didn’t have a window of release when we first wrote it up but expected it to come sooner rather than later. As it turns out, we were correct as Shoprite has officially announced that K’nect Mobile launches next month. So if you’re in desperate need of a sim card and don’t feel like dealing with any of the big ISPs, it might be worth taking a trip down to Shoprite in April to gather up some data. Mobile data, that is.

Here’s what he learned from the press release sent out by Shoprite this morning. K’nect Mobile will offer “100MB free data for three months, and flat call and data rates,” as well as “free data and airtime for Shoprite, Checkers and Usave customers.” Data will be zero-rated for “selected apps and websites in the Group’s ecosystem” (we assume that includes Checkers Sixty60, but we’re not sure) and you’ll be able to earn more data/airtime if you’re an Xtra Savings member.

Shoprite wants to K’nect with you

There are a few key factors to this particular MVNO that set it aside from its competitors. For one, when you purchase data or airtime on K’nect, it’ll only expire after 60 days rather than the 30 days that most other service providers stick to. As for the hard and fast prices, here’s what you’ll be paying:

  • 50c per minute all day K’nect to K’nect calls

  • 99c per minute all day calls to other networks

  • 15c per megabyte for any size data bundle, up to 1GB

Not terribly priced then. If you want an Xtra incentive, here’s what you can earn in terms of Shoprite’s loyalty rewards:

  • 10% free on recharge

  • 10% Xtra for Xtra Savings card holders

  • 5% Xtra when recharging via Money Market Account

  • Double airtime rewards on Xtra Savings airtime deals

“K‘nect Mobile is part of our ever-growing suite of fintech products designed to better serve our customers. We’ve spent a lot of time understanding how a mobile network can add value to our customers’ lives, and our solution is an easy to understand network that offers straightforward call and data rates as well as tangible rewards,” says Jean Olivier, General Manager: Financial Services.

K’nect Mobile will be launched next month and will piggyback on CellC’s already existing infrastructure meaning it’ll also be able to make use of MTN’s roaming coverage, which is certainly a plus.


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