David Fincher pairs with Seven’s writer for Netflix movie The Killer


Yes, that’s one hell of a headline. David Fincher is once again joining forces with Andrew Kevin Walker – the scribe behind Seven (or Se7en) and 8mm – for a Netflix release called The Killer.

Oh, did we mention Michael Fassbender is in talks to star in it? Well there’s that too.

According to a report on Variety, Fincher is once again collaborating with Walker on a project, which in this instance, is based on a French graphic novel about an assassin who starts to develop a conscience. While that sounds like pretty standard fare, we have high hopes that in the hands of Fincher and Walker we can expect great things.

After all, the first time these two talents worked in tandem – on the superb serial killer thriller Se7en – they put each other on the map.

Penny Fincher

The Killer is the latest movie that seems to be a part of the four-year deal that ol’ David has signed with Netflix.

Late last year, the streaming service released Fincher’s Mank, a dramatisation of Herman Mankiewicz’s struggle to write the script for the Orson Welles classic Citizen Kane. It starred Gary Oldman in the title role and we seriously suggest you check it out, if you haven’t already done so.

Fincher has also had his fingerprints on a couple of other Netflix properties – House Of Cards and Mindhunter among them – and from the sounds of things, he’s quite pleased with the relationship he has with the streaming service.

“I’ve never been happier working at a place than I am at Netflix,” Fincher told Variety. “They’re building a repository. It’s a nice thing that movies have a place to exist where you don’t necessarily have to shove them into spandex summer or affliction winter.”


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