Who’s gaming setup will be one Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor richer?


Each person’s life has a few significant moments, and in the case of gamers, most of those moments consist of upgrading your gaming setup. Whether it’s a new console, a graphics card or a peripheral, those moments matter. Today, we’re announcing the winner of the StuffPlays Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor giveaway. 

Alienware’s in the bag

This 25in, 1080p monitor boasts an input-lag measure of just a millisecond at its peak refresh. Even more, the 240Hz refresh rate will please everyone but the most sceptical esports players. Honestly, if you’re interested in beaming beautiful graphics into your eyes and testing your competitive gaming skills, this one’s a particularly nifty addition. 

We’ll get to the important bits in a second. In the meantime, make sure you go ahead and follow StuffPlays on Twitter, Instagram, and most importantly, Twitch. Our gaming brand has grown a dedicated community of gamers in South Africa, and they’ve got some exciting stuff in their arsenal.

And the lucky desk-owner who will be one monitor richer today is…

MrK3t (Twitch entry)

Congratulations! We’ll be in contact to arrange all the delivery stuff in a few days. If you can’t for whatever reason, accept the prize (like being situated outside South African borders), we’ll have to move on to the next viable entry — so check those emails! Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter and supported the live-streams on Twitch, we’ll have something cool to give away soon, promise. 


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