Challenger approaching: Sonos looks to enter the noise-cancelling headphones brawl


Sonos is a bit of a maestro when it comes to audio technology, with its multi-room speakers and soundbars setting all sorts of benchmarks for what sort of audio you want to have in your home. On reflection, it seems a little weird that the company doesn’t have a set of noise-cancelling headphones yet. But that’s about to change.

Sonos, canned

The audio tech manufacturer has been rumoured to have a set of noise-cancelling cans waiting in the wings (or in development in the wings). Hints of it turned up in the US Patent and Trademark Office last year but website The Verge has located something considerably more complete.

The image above is taken from the German Patent and Trademark Office and is one of several line drawings showing what a set of Sonos-made noise-cancellers should look like. The overall design is a refinement of the files found in the US last year, suggesting that this is closer to a final product.

That said, we still don’t really know anything about these Sonos headphones. They’ll likely face off against Sony’s excellent cans, as well as the headliners from Bose, Jabra and, now, Apple, in terms of tech, features and price point. Okay, hopefully, they’re closer to Sony than Apple on that last one.

The Verge reports that Sonos’ next product announcement is due in March this year, citing company CEO Patrick Spence. The announcement is believed to be a companion speaker to the Move, but it’s just possible that these headphones will turn up unexpectedly. Or, we might see them revealed later in the year. 2021 is still young, after all.


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