Android 12 is getting a new “one-handed” mode


Bigger is always better, so the saying goes. Smartphones have progressively grown bigger in the past few years, for good reason. A bigger screen is better for streaming movies, playing games, even reading articles and eBooks if you’re the brainy type. But this comes at the cost of certain conveniences, which Android 12 plans to fix.

For example, a bigger phone is much more cumbersome than a smaller one, particularly when using it with one hand, as we often do. We’re on the move. We’re walking and talking, we’re cooking and reading a recipe, we’re jogging and picking changing our music. Multitasking is the norm these days, but a big phone makes it significantly harder to do.

Android is looking to solve this problem by adding a “one-handed mode” to the upcoming update to their OS. According to XDA, Google is working on a one-handed mode for Android 12. Now, this isn’t the first time this feature has been implemented in a smartphone. Many offer the option to shrink the keyboard and shift it to one side (towards your dominant thumb), or even do the same with the entire display. The feature in the Android 12 update will be similar, activated with a convenient gesture and closed with a similar one.

Past that, it’s not known yet what kind of idiosyncrasies Google’s take on a one-handed mode might have, if any. Nor is it known when the feature may be released to the public. XDA notes that if Google dubs the feature not ready, we may only see it in next year’s Android update.

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