Bloober Team’s next horror game will have actual combat


Bloober Team is a development studio known for producing some of the best horror games of recent years. Yet while their atmospheric crawls through haunting environments are engaging enough, it seems like the studio is wanting to shake things up with some combat in the future. A host of new job listings for the studio hints that the team is looking to bulk up their force of folks who know how to program a pipe being swung as a weapon.

The inclusion of combat in a Bloober Team would be a pretty big step for the studio. Their previous games, including Layers of Fear, Observer and most recently The Medium, featured no combat whatsoever. Not that any of those games needed a combat system to improve them but the inclusion of a ranged and/or melee mechanic might just be what the studio needs to grow and evolve.

The Medium

Bloober-ing all over the place

The actual job listing over on Team Bloober’s recruitment page details that the developers are in the market for a “Combat Programmer” that will be responsible for creating, “combat systems (both melee and ranged) and integrating them with other various gameplay elements.” No mention on what game will be implementing these mechanics but no matter what it ends up being, we’re always excited when Bloober Team announces a new game. We’re just a bunch of gross horror fans.

Not they’ve actually announced anything. The studio has hinted that Observer 2 might be their next project but it’s difficult seeing how physical weapons could fit into such a game. If you’re at all interested in playing one of the studio’s best games then you should definitely check out our spoiler-free review of The Medium which launched on PC and Xbox last week.

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