Lovecraft Country writer tapped for Tomb Raider 2


Does anyone remember the last Tomb Raider movie that came out? No? Don’t worry, we had to Google it to make sure it had actually seen the light of day.

Apparently, it was released back in 2018 — you know, a time when we could all go to the cinema without wearing face-masks and sitting two seats over from the person we went with — and while it didn’t set the world on fire, it made enough money to warrant a sequel. After all, the last instalment of any franchise is the one that doesn’t make any money.

Tomb Raider? Again?

So Tomb Raider 2 is on the blocks and there are reasons to be hopeful that this upcoming release will be more interesting than its predecessor. According to Digital Spy MGM has tapped up the showrunner and writer on HBO’s superb horror series Lovecraft Country, Misha Green, to helm the project. If you’ve not seen Lovecraft Country we thoroughly suggest you do so — it’s currently on Showmax so you have no excuses.

Green is set to both write and direct Lara Croft’s latest outing and is the first woman to do so — which is nuts when you think about it. Not much else is known about the project at the minute apart from the fact that Alicia Vikande will return as the lead character.

Given Green’s pedigree, though, which involves both the aforementioned adaptation of Matt Ruff’s novel and her work on the WGN series Underground — imagine 12 Years A Slave stretched out to series’ length — one could be cautiously optimistic that the new Tomb Raider film will be something more than a cheap Indiana Jones knock-off.

There’s no release date announced as yet, but one hopes MGM have enough sense to stay away from the release window for the Uncharted film.  There’s only so much relic hunting audiences are prepared to pay for, after all.


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