Samsung will mass produce 90Hz OLED displays for laptops


OLED displays and all their gloriously deep and detailed colours aren’t commonly seen in laptops, and the ones that do sport them tend to be stuck at an adequate but not amazing 60Hz refresh rate. Samsung Display has decided to address this problem, announcing that it plans to begin mass-producing 90Hz OLED laptop screens this year. 

Samsung’s stepping up

The company has also revealed that “several global IT companies” plan on releasing high-end laptop and notebook models with these new displays later this year. According to Samsung Display CEO Joo Sun Choi, the company will begin production in March and in “very large quantities”.

Samsung Display is quoted by Business Wire as saying that the displays, 14in large, “can best satisfy the diverse consumer need for laptops used in telework, online education, video streaming, and gaming,” and claim that the 90Hz displays will have as little smearing and blurring as seen using 120Hz LCD displays. This will make movement look sharper and more realistic, though it will require the assistance of a high-end graphics card.

Samsung’s upcoming displays will set a new standard for refresh rates in laptops, a standard we can look forward to seeing as the year progresses. It’s an exciting prospect, particularly while we’re all still stuck at home staring at our screens and waiting out the pandemic. 

(Source: Business Wire)


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