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If there’s anything positive that can be taken from this global pandemic it’s that working remotely is not only possible, but easier than everyone expected. Still, finding remote work can be challenging because, by its very nature, you have to know where to look. This is where SkipTheDrive comes into a play, a new website designed to pull job postings from a variety of sources and only display the remote working options.

If you’ve been on the job hunt for the last few months you know how frustrating it can be to find loads of opportunities that are in-person only. It sucks, but hopefully the process is about to become easier!

SkipTheDrive wants to provide those looking for remote work with a free resource to assist them in uncovering jobs that might get lost amongst the rabble. It offers a search feature as well as categories to streamline the process for folks wanting to make their searches more general or specific. The site also offers services to businesses looking for employees with a handy “Post Your Remote Job” page and includes a bunch of work-from-home resources for folks needing a little extra information.


SkipTheDrive but not the details

Now, it should be noted that SkipTheDrive is still in its early days and thus is missing some key features. The servers are a little wonky at this point but, admittedly, we did discover the site on the subreddit r/InternetIsBeautiful, which is a forum dedicated to people posting links to cool websites so the rush of Reddit users has doubtless put strain on the site’s servers.

But there are additions that would be more than welcome. For example, a “sort by new” option would make the process even more efficient as some of the listing pulled from across the internet are often old and outdated. In fact, just more sorting options in general would be appreciated.

Many commenters on the reddit post have lamented the lack of salary range but that might also have to do with the posts it is pulling. Companies sharing payment options in job posts up front should be a much more common practice than it currently is. Mobile support for the site also needs some work. This is probably the biggest issue with SkipTheDrive right now, considering how many people use their phones to peruse the internet and look for work.

Still, it might be worth bookmarking SkipTheDrive as it may turn out to be an especially valuable platform. One has to imagine the developer of the site taking feedback into account, especially if they posted the site to Reddit. Improvements are probably being considered and worked on right now.

If you really want to improve your chances of finding work, you could check out Google’s new People Cards system. Hey, if you’re gonna do something you should do it properly, right?




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  1. Hey Brad –

    Thanks for your review about SkipTheDrive! I’m the owner and just wanted to update you on a few things:

    1.) I recently implemented the sorting option. Users can now sort by ‘newest’ or ‘relevance’.
    2.) There are no server issues. There was just a HUGE influx of traffic that day from Reddit, which has since normalized. This was due to the ‘Reddit hug of death’ 🙂
    3.) SkipTheDrive is mobile-friendly (i.e. responsive) and works just fine on mobile. Any issues around the time of the traffic spike would’ve caused issues on any device viewing SkipTheDrive, but all is well now!

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