DStv offers premium content for everyone in December, no matter your package


Given how the country seems to be on the verge of a full-blown COVID-19 second wave, maybe staying home and relaxing for Christmas isn’t such a bad idea. You still have a load of stuff you need to watch to clear that backlog and DStv wants to assist you in your quest by making a whole load of premium content available to everyone.

Well, we say “everyone”. In reality, it’s everyone that’s got some kind of DStv package. Starting from 16 December, you’ll be able to access content that might not necessarily be included in your DStv package. The offer closes its doors on 20 December. Of course, you will need to jump through a hoop to get it.

If you have a package that’s not EasyView (always some kind of caveat, huh?) all you need to do to access every channel DStv has to offer is download the DStv app on your phone or tablet; anything that offers support for the app, really. One has to imagine that you’d need to log into your DStv account to have access to that plethora of channels you’ll watch for all over 30 minutes but that’s a given at this point, right?


DStv through the snow

It makes sense that DStv would want to encourage as many people as possible to download its mobile app given the push it’s making into the digital streaming market. It’s two new boxes, the Streama and Explora Ultra, are really honing in on the streaming market so why not start encouraging folks to get in on that ecosystem early, is the thinking.

Still, even if you can access all the premium content you’re missing out on, it’s more a taster than anything else. The offer’s only running for four days and it doesn’t actually get you access to every channel. According to the blog post announcement on DStv’s website, users won’t be able to access “M-Net Movies 1, M-Net Movies 2 and fliekNET”. Worth mentioning but not seeing those three channels in particular really isn’t a problem for most people.


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