The Jimmy JF41 is the cool friend you want to hang out with this summer


We all love summer, but there are little things like excessive heat that can annoy even summer’s biggest supporter – which is why the versatile Jimmy JF41 360-degree Oscillation Smart Fan should be on this year’s Christmas list. 

In South Africa, air fans have become an essential piece of equipment in almost every household. With the Jimmy JF41 360-degree Oscillation Smart Fan, you can enjoy an extensive air blow feeling up to a distance of 15 meters and with its rotating neck airflow will be able to reach every corner of your room. 

Moving ahead to the next front, the Jimmy JF41 360-degree Oscillation Smart Fan has multiple speed modes to adjust as per your needs. It offers all-time solutions for all occasions. The natural and constant wind modes are all appealing for different situations and room sizes which would suit almost everyone’s needs. 

The natural wind mode provides gentle airflow ever so silently. This mode is ideal for babies trying to sleep, pregnant women, or older people. The natural mode has really been designed especially with more sensitive customers in mind. Under the constant wind mode, you will get improved air circulation. It is designed for the crowdy occasion like a party at home or any other gathering.

Your best fan

To manage the operations wirelessly, the Jimmy JF41 360-degree Oscillation Smart Fan comes with a remote-control device. This is incredible to see wireless settings and smart algorithms in a standard fan. This gives you the ability to switch between modes from a distance, meaning you never actually need to move!

What adds to the ‘smartness’ of the fan is the pre-settings available which is what really adds to the convenience of this device. With the Jimmy JF41 360-degree Oscillation Smart Fan, you are able to set a time to turn on/off in advance in anything between one to seven hours. This is a key feature as we often forget to turn off these devices manually leading to energy wastage while causing wear and tear.

The smart fan is made of an ABS metal material, which confirms long-lasting life. Moreover, its sleek design makes it almost invisible within every household needing less space and power to perform. The Jimmy JF41 360-degree Oscillation Smart Fan is simple to assemble and with its lightweight makes it easy to move between rooms. The design is also aesthetically pleasing and slick and very easy to clean. 

Silent nights

It comes in a grey colour skin and an ABS robust metal material. The silver colour approach will decorate your room with sensible contrast. You can migrate it to any room conveniently. Moreover, the fan takes exquisite and appealing personality with 7 swing blade shape technology. 

It is steady, silent and vibrationless, which could make a difference to light sleepers who enjoy a quiet breeze during summer nights. The streamline wing-shaped blades gently reduce the noise by 30% and create only 30 DBA in sleeping mode. At 10 DB, the sound will be equal to the sound of butterfly flapping wings.

The Jimmy JF41 360-degree Oscillation Smart Fan will help you deal with the summer sweatiness and with all those exceptional quality features, comes at a very competitive price range. The smart fan retails at R 1 999.00 (inclusive of 15% VAT) and can be purchased online via or Shop&ship (


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