The Razer Tomahawk is a powerful compact PC (that you’ll likely battle to buy here)


Everyone know that the Xbox Series X is basically just a PC that plays console games, so how about a PC that looks a little like a Series X? That’s what the Razer Tomahawk offers its users — desktop-level power in a seriously compact form factor — while still stacking a full-sized GPU.

Razer’s got some epic products, like this crop from RazerCon earlier this year, but the company also makes computer hardware. It was only recently that South Africa got official access to the Razer Blade range of notebooks, so laying hands on a Razer Tomahawk might prove to be a chore. But more on that in a bit.

Yes, you probably want a Razer Tomahawk

The Tomahawk is a modular system, one that expects you to supply your own GPU… and a few other bits as well. There are two PCI-e slots inside, one dedicated to the aforementioned GPU (and you’re probably going to want to drop an RTX 3080 Founder’s Edition in here).

There’s an Intel Core i9-9980HK inside, with 16GB of DDR4 RAM. A 512GB PCIe NVMe calls this setup home, with an additional slot for extra M.2 storage. There’s also a 5,400rpm 2TB HDD inside, along with a 750W power supply. Four Type-A and two Type-C USB ports are included, as well as 3.5mm connections for audio — all on an Intel NUC Element motherboard, which accounts for the teeny, tiny size of this thing. And yet, it’s going to cost you — because crammed high-end components into a small space isn’t cheap. It starts at $2,400 (R36,500) without a GPU, or you can pay $3,200 (R48,600) to have an RTX 3080 installed before it gets to you.

Good luck getting your hands on one, though. We’re not sure about local availability (yet — stay tuned for that info) but the machine is up for pre-order in the States… rather, it was. The Razer Tomahawk is now out of stock, for the moment. If it’s selling out overseas, finding one over here is likely to be a bit of a task.



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