Bose’s new “Sport Open Earbuds” shown off at FCC


You might know the brand Bose for producing some of the best headphones (and earbuds) on the market. It produces some of the more high-end luxury audio devices on the market and its new set of sport-focused earbuds are probably going to appeal to that banker friend of yours who doesn’t shut up about cycling. A filing for Bose’s “Sports Open Earbuds” appeared at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today and included images that gave us a pretty solid idea of what to expect.

For those of you who may not know, the FCC is a branch of the United States government that “regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable in all 50 states”. So if Bose wants to release some new piece of tech that plays some part in communication, it has to go through the FCC first. What this all means is that this isn’t so much a rumour as being pretty accurate. Which is good news for everyone who doesn’t like working out with inner earbuds.

Bose-y boots

The design of the Sport Open Earbuds is obviously what stands out above everything else. Moving away from the inner-ear design that so many buds are going for these days, Bose’s new creations seem to rest and hang from the ear thanks to a plastic exterior hook. There’s an unknown button on the bottom of the earbuds themselves and a charging block was also included with the filing. Overall, they look pretty nifty.

Earlier this year, Bose released the Sport Earbuds but these stuck to the in-ear design that’s become so familiar for anyone who’s used a wireless set of earphones. Still, this open design is a great idea for folks who might not want to be totally locked into their heads while exercising. We don’t know how it’ll affect the sound quality but this is Bose we’re talking about. If anyone can take a pair of open earbuds and make them sound fantastic, it’s those devilish engineers.

(Source: The Verge)


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