Images of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro have leaked


It was just a few days ago that we were hearing rumours that Samsung had a new version of their excellent Galaxy Buds range in the pipeline. As it turns out, those rumours are becoming more and more possible thanks to a set of leaked images that have managed to surface across the internet. The gossip around town was already pretty believable but actually having visual proof? Well, now you have our attention.

The source for the images comes from noted leaker (that noun never gets any easier to write) Evan Blass. Sharing the images with Voice, they certainly look authentic, with a more holistically “round” shape than previous iterations of the Galaxy Buds. If anything, it looks like Samsung took the bean shape of the Galaxy Buds Live and the more angular corners of the Galaxy Buds Plus and fused them together to make an oval shape.

Galaxy Buds

What else do we know about the new Galaxy Buds?

The leaked images also include a decent look at the case for the Pros. A shift away from the oblong shape that resembled a massive black pill that was used for the Buds Plus, the case for the Pros is much more square with rounded corners. The design to similar to the case we saw for the Buds Live, so it makes sense that Samsung would iterate on its more recent version.

In terms of what the Buds Pro will be able to do, we’re not 100% sure on those details just yet. Rumour has it that they’ve been designed to feature a better ambient mode and an overhauled noise cancellation system.

As for an actual release date, the Buds Pro are expected to be revealed early 2021 alongside Samsung’s next flagship smartphone. Perhaps this is the hot accessory to pair with the Galaxy S30 or whatever that phone ends up being called.

Source: The Verge


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