Please don’t throw this motion-activated Poké Ball


Just like the vast majority of the world, we at Stuff have often just wanted to pack our lives up and become professional Pokémon trainers. Sure, they don’t actually exist outside of your nearest Nintendo console but still, we can dream. Anyone who’s had similar ambitions is now one step closer to fulfilling their lifelong goal as The Pokémon Company and The Wand Company have partnered to make some of the best looking Poké ball replicas we’ve ever seen.

The die-cast metal ball, which comes in various designs including the classic red and white Poké Ball, the Great Ball, the Ultra Ball and the Premiere Ball, shouldn’t be thrown through. These are hefty boys and they’ll no doubt do some damage. Premiere Ball seems like a weird inclusion on that list but clearly some fans just really like that white and pink look. Oh, and it doesn’t open either. This is purely a display piece. Good thing too, because if you had to yeet this monster at a wild animal, you’d probably be arrested for animal abuse.

This Poké Ball does what the others don’t

Probably the coolest part of the replica Poké Ball is the motion-sensor built into the body of the statue. When it senses a hand (or any other body part, you pervert) the ball and the central button will light up. According to The Verge, the colour changes when the button is pressed but the weirdly creepy reveal video didn’t really show that much detail. It did give us a pretty decent look at a stranger’s hand which was… well, not what we signed up for.

The Poké Ball replica is available for preorder right now and is expected to ship next year. You’ll have to order one from overseas and it’ll set you back a hefty $100, or roughly R1,532 at the time of writing. Pretty good timing if you have any avid Pokémon fans in the family in desperate need of a pricey Christmas present.

(Source: The Verge)


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