Don’t panic, Sony has promised more PS5 stock for the holidays


We’ve been writing an awful lot about the PS5 recently but that’s because it’s all that people seem to want to talk about. The console has become a nightmare to find anywhere as seemingly every store, both online and brick and mortar, is completely sold out. Sony is aware of the problem and has issued a statement that consumers need not fret as the company is promising that more stock of the PS5 will be available for the holiday season. Hey, maybe your kids won’t be super disappointed on Christmas Day. That is, if you can get your pre-order in fast enough.

Sony’s been having trouble with stock every since the original wave of pre-orders for the PS5 went live. Yet this wasn’t due to a lack of preparation. According to Sony, stock would have still run out even if there hadn’t been a global pandemic. Rather, it was the unprecedented demand for the console that hit its warehouses hard.

It’s a good time to be Sony

What this also means is that Sony has had its most successful console launch to date, which is impressive when the PS4 already broke all the company’s records. We’re not sure what the specific number is or whether Sony’s talking about consoles bought directly be customers or by retailers. Still, it’s an impressive feat considering the year has been less than conventional.

If you’re desperate for a PS5, then keep your eyes on your local retailer’s social media and websites this December. We don’t know how many consoles will be provided to South Africa but given the rush of producing more consoles, there’s a possibility we might not be provided with all that much. Keep an eye on though, that’s where you’ll be able to pre-order.

(Source: The Verge)


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