PUMA celebrates Mario’s 35 birthday with a sweet collection of gear


Puma is going all out in celebrating the most iconic video game character in history, as it announces a new range of Super Mario themed clothing. Bringing the colour palette and design influences from the jumping plumber with an affection for mushrooms, we being the complete nerds we are think they look fresh as hell.

Drawing on the plumber’s extensive history and referencing amazing games like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy, Puma is clearly going all out to give Nintendo fans something to really show off their passion for the Mushroom Kingdom. Oh, and Sunshine is in here as well. Always got to sneak its muddy head through the door, doesn’t it?


Damn, Mario! Back at it again!

Starting very soon you’ll be able to grab yourself themed Puma gear directly from Puma.com, or if you’re willing to brave the outside world you could also head to a Puma Select near you. Let’s take a look at what the collection contains, shall we? See if it’s worth the risk and all that?

We’ve got a run down of the full collection as well as a pricing for everything, just so you can make sure your wallet is prepared. The following items will be available starting from 27 November 2020:

  • The Future Rider Super Mario 64 (R1 999)
  • Nintendo Knit Short (R1 499)
  • Nintendo Tee (R799)
  • Nintendo LS Tee (R999)
  • AOP Nintendo Hoodie (R1 999)
  •  RS-Fast Super Mario Galaxy (R2 899)

If those don’t tickle your fancy you could always wait a few more days for the maybe the coolest piece of kit to drop on 4 December: The Future Rider Nintendo Entertainment System. They’re pricey, sure but that colour scheme is just awesome.



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