Puma releases its second Cloud9 collaboration collection


What does Stuff know about shoes? Well, they go on your feet, they sometimes have stringy bits to make them go tight, sometimes you can put a fitness tracking device in them and they can often look really cool. Such is the case with Puma’s latest release, a shoe that’s been designed in tandem with fan-favourite esports team Cloud9. Not only has Puma gone and made a shoe with Cloud9, it’s gone and made an entire range of apparel to celebrate the collaboration. If you prefer your clothes in shades of white and light blue, you should be more than excited for this range.

The actual collection of apparel includes a rather snazzy shoe, some leggings, a windbreaker (for all those times you’re playing a video game outside in the rain), cargo pants, a variety of t-shirts, a waist bag and a bucket hat — which are apparently still rather in fashion. Look, this is new to use too, we’re learning together.


On Cloud9

Starting from today, all of these items will be available to purchase from PUMA.com and ATK Online. According to the company, “The latest from PUMA and Cloud9 was made for the casual gamer at home and for those who compete on the big stage.” Look, we prefer to play video games barefoot and in our undies but there are probably loads of people who enjoy looking good while popping headshots.

So how much will this assortment of threads cost you? Well, we’ve got a price breakdown right here:

  • PUMA’s Future Rider Shoe (R1 700)
  • PUMA x Cloud9 Corrupted Legging (R900)
  • Corrupted Windbreaker for women (R1 600) and men (R1 700)
  • All Set Cargo Pant (R1 300)
  • PUMA Tee (R600)
  • Jigsaw, All Set and Disconnect Tees (R450)
  • PUMA x Cloud9 Cap (R450)
  •  Multi Waist Bag (R550)
  • Reversible Bucket Hat (R600)

So if you’re a die hard esports fan and an even bigger fan of Cloud9 (which is very possible considering they were named the Esports Organisation of the Year back in 2018), this seems a pretty decent way to show your support.



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