South African stores may not have next-gen Xboxes at launch


Nothing quite hypes up a nation like a next-gen console launch. Especially South Africans. Well, if you’ve been saving up your hard-earned pocket money to hit the stores and buy an Xbox Series S or X tomorrow 10 November, you may be in for a disappointment. 

“Due to some unforeseen logistical challenges, some stores in South Africa may receive their stock of the new Xbox Series X and Series S on Launch Day or possibly a day late,” a press release details. 


Although the stock of both the next-gen Xbox consoles has been shipped to the various retail outlets that will carry them, some may not get consoles in time. That means that the affected stores can’t sell the consoles on launch day. But it isn’t a complete loss. 

Due to COVID, many global retailers have vowed to only sell next-gen consoles online to minimise human contact in retail spaces. It makes sense, as we’re still in a form of lockdown and social distancing regulations are still valid. With this in mind, it may be a better course of action directing yourself to an online retailer and placing an order for the hardware. You may wait a few more days before you have the goods in-hand, but at least you’re sure to get one. 

The release didn’t mention which stores may not receive stock, which makes it hard to predict which stores will have stock. “Prima Interactive advises that all the stock has been shipped to stores. There are always embargos on the release of products like this with a World Wide release date. There is a very small window to get the stock out to stores, and sometimes despite the best plans, delays occur,” the release reads. 

The good thing is that everyone who has placed orders for consoles through the pre-order programme will receive their consoles come launch day. So if you were quick on that one, congrats. 


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