BMW to show off iNext electric SUV in November


We love electric cars here at Stuff. We’ve waxed lyrical about them in the past with our current favourite being the Mini Cooper SE 2020 which we drove around Joburg not too long ago. They’re just so much fun to drive and we’ll always jump at the opportunity to climb into the driver’s seat, press the acceleration down further than we should, take off at a speed we weren’t expecting and then continue to drive at a normal speed because we’re still quaking in our boots. That’s the standard electric car experience, it’s a whole load of fun.

BMW is no stranger to electric cars as the company is clearly trying to make an executive push into more eco-friendly vehicles. Just a few weeks back, BMW announced the iX3, which appears to be a monumentally fun little vehicle. Powered by a 210kWh electric motor, an acceleration of 0 to 100kmph in just 6.8 seconds and a travel distance of up to 460km on a full charge, it’s difficult to envision how BMW is planning on improving on what is already one of the more tantalising electric vehicles on the market.


The SA-bound BMW iX3

Of course, just because it’s tough doesn’t mean those car engineers aren’t going to do their best.

BMW’s vision for the iNext

BMW will be showing off the production design of the iNext electric vehicle in November, specifically next week. The fully electric SUV was first announced all the way back in 2018 and there’s been very little news on it since then but come next week, we should have a pretty solid idea of what we can expect from BMW’s latest design. It’s actually wild that the design of the iNext has been under wraps for so long with no leaks as to what it looks like, at least as far as I know.

The care manufacturer has announced a digital NextGen event within which the design for the iNext SUV will be shown off alongside a range of other products such as new vehicles from Motorrad motorcycle division on 11 November and new cars from Mini on 12 November.

Judging from the teaser images sent out by BMW, the iNext looks really cool. I don’t know much about designing cars so that’s about as much insight as I can muster but I’d very excited to see what the interior looks like come next week!

(Source: Engadget)



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