Facebook is launching its own cloud gaming service


It may just be the next big ‘fad’, but every second big tech corporate is jumping onto cloud gaming. It’s surprising in that not many have found success. Google Stadia has been a monumental flop, Amazon’s Luna hasn’t yielded much yet and Xbox’s xCloud (well… this one’s doing great though). Now Facebook reckons it can give cloud-based gaming a shot. 

Clearly everyone sees a future in cloud-based gaming, which works by allowing users to play games over an internet connection without the need to install any physical files. What makes Facebook’s platform different from established services, however, is the fact that it will focus on smaller free-to-play games. Think in the lines of Asphalt 9: Legends, PGA TOUR Golf Shootout, Solitaire: Arthur’s Tale and Mobile Legends: Adventure. 

Facebook just being… Facebook in the cloud

The service will launch with just a few titles, but of course, more are planned for the future. We’ll see Red Bull’s Dirt Bike Unchained “in the coming weeks.” But where can you find them?

Facebook cloud gamingAll you have to do is navigate over to Facebook (if you’re still on there), and find the Gaming section. This is where Facebook promotes game live streaming and content creations. Almost like a Twitch rival of sorts. Nice thing is because this is part of the Facebook service — you’ll have access to it for free at this point. 

That’s not all! (Cue the Verimark ad at this point). Facebook will also be offering “cloud playable ads” in people’s News Feeds. This… doesn’t sound like a good thing, but Facebook can make outright propaganda sound like a good thing. 

Anyway, these cloud playable ads that’ll be served to people on the platform will target people who don’t generally go to the Gaming hub and allow them to play a demo in-ad. That’s… so Facebook. 

Source: Engadget


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