The Animaniacs are back for thirteen new episodes and we’re beyond excited


While we at Stuff are all adults (in the loosest sense of the word) we’re all suckers for some polished animation and intelligently stupid writing. So it makes sense that we’d all be fans of Animaniacs, Warner Bros. classic cartoon produced by Stephen Spielberg and starring the fictional Warner sibling, Yakko, Wakko and Dot. Seriously, you might think you’re too old for it but go back and watch classic Animaniacs. While the episodes might look a little fuzzy, the sharpness of the writing and fluidity of the animation is still spectacular. Hell, Bill Clinton appears in the opening of every episode playing the saxophone, how is that not funny?

If you’re anything like us and hold an appreciation for the Animaniacs, then you’ll no doubt be pleased to know that Hulu is reviving the Warner Brothers (and Warner Sister) as it reboots the franchise with 13 new episodes airing this November. Oh, and Pinky and The Brain are coming along too if you needed another reason to get unreasonably excited.

These are the facts

It was announced a few weeks back that Hulu was doing something with the Animaniacs but now we know exactly what the intentions behind the teaser trailer. Okay look, it was fairly obvious it was some kind of reboot but now we actually have a better idea of what we can expect. Hulu revealed a proper trailer for the rebooted series and it looks like a load of fun.

Poking fun at themselves being a reboot in a time where everything has already seemingly been rebooted, the trailer for the new Animaniacs season, of which there will be 13 in total, strikes that same zany, off-the-wall humour many have come to adore and posthumously appreciate about the original series. Fourth-wall breaks, some seemingly biting political satire and some gorgeous animation make for a great deal of excitement. Watch the trailer and you’ll see what we’re talking about.


Also, special shout out to that one clip that showed our three protagonists drawn in the style of Anime. Anime-niacs. Ah, I chuckle every time.

While Hulu is currently not available in South Africa I’m sure Animaniacs will be picked up by a local alternative such as Showmax. If not, there are… other ways you could watch the new season. Those methodologies are for you to investigate, our lips are sealed.

(Source: The Verge)


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