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This issue of Stuff isn’t just for your eyes only… but it’s pretty close

As we approach the end of 2020, the year is looking… well, shorter, for one. There are reasons to stay home, there are reasons to go out and, in this issue of Stuff Magazine, we’ve got options for you no matter which one of those two choices you’re keen on making.

Want to put down deeper roots in your lounge? Then you have to check out our TV and entertainment special. Feel the need to breathe the free air? (‘remaining nameless’ is optional). Then you want to be out and about with our photography feature, which features tips and tricks for every calibre of camera, from smartphone to super-expensive. And we’ve even thrown in a few drone and action-cam tips, too. 

And if you’re going to go outside, there are far worse ways to leave the home than inside Land Rover’s new Defender 110. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s bloody expensive, but you’ll be very hard-pressed to locate a more comfortable, stylish way to drive a camera out into the middle of nowhere in order to take photographs of animals… far, far away from anywhere a mask is needed. Check out our test in this issue of Stuff Magazine.

Microsoft’s new Surface kit is in South Africa. We got to spend time with both the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3. The Pro is undoubtedly an excellent convertible, working both as a tablet and as a notebook (with a few Ts&Cs) but the Surface Laptop 3 is one excellent piece of hardware. If you ever wanted a MacBook Pro but were adamant it needed to run Windows, this is what you should be looking at for your next computer purchase.

Or maybe, since you’re staying home anyway, you’d like a spot of time-travel to go with your slowly-deepening butt imprint? Head back to a happier time (anywhere before 2019, in other words) with the absolutely incredible remake of the first two Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games. Jam out to Goldfinger’s Superman, triple-heelflip down the big stair set at School 2 and then zoom around tagging ramps, kickers and rails in your preferred hue with some online multiplayer, and forget that this year exists for a little while. Your muscle memory is still up to this — we promise.

More? It’s not a question of wanting more, Stuff‘s policy is to always provide more. In this issue, we’ve got absolute loads of tech. We’ve tested everything we could get our hands on, including a raft of smartphones, laptops, headphones (which may be self-cleaning), we’ve got ways to spruce up a still-new iPhone SE, we’ve tested Lego and we even took a little time out to make fun of Internet Explorer. The original one, because Edge isn’t that bad now that it’s basically a reskin of Chrome. Get your copy today. 




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